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The King's Power

This is the second story for families based on the next passage in the gospel of Mark. Each story is short - 200 words or less. Each story is simple - I've tried to use language that a 3-7 year old can understand. I've also included a few questions at the end to try and help move the conversation between parent(s) and child(ren) towards the point of the passage for us today.

The King's Power based on Mark 1:21-2:12:

John the Baptist said that King Jesus would be a really, really powerful King. And he was! King Jesus told evil spirits to leave people alone and they did. Straight away! King Jesus touched a woman with a high temperature and she got better. Straight away! King Jesus touched a man with sore skin and he got better. Straight away! One day, all the poorly people in the town came to see King Jesus and he made them all better. Straight away!

On another day, four men carried a friend (who couldn’t walk) on a mat to see King Jesus. He was in a house full of people. There were people here and people there. There were people everywhere and there was no way in. And so the four men carried their friend (who couldn’t walk) on to the roof of the house. They dug a hole and lowered their friend down to see King Jesus. And Jesus said to the man: ‘I’m God’s King – and I forgive you!’ The man was now friends with King Jesus – and that was very, very, good news! And then… King Jesus made his legs better too!


How did Jesus show his power?

What is the very, very good news about King Jesus?


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