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It was good to connect as a big group on Sunday morning. It would be really good to connect as small groups on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. Your Home Group leader will be in touch with you about how you're going to give that a go and it might be that they suggest using Zoom. If they do here's what you'll need to do...

Visit in your web browser and click the blue 'SIGN UP, IT'S FREE' box in the top right hand corner. You'll need to enter an email address and click the 'Sign Up' box. It will then send an email to your inbox with a confirmation link to make sure it's you. Open the email (titled 'Please activate your Zoom account') and click the blue button that says 'Activate Account'. You'll then be asked to insert your name and surname, pick a password and reconfirm it. Click the orange 'Continue' button and you'll be encouraged to invite friends to Zoom. You can do that if you want or you can instead click the 'Skip this step' button. This will take you to another page where you'll want to click the 'Start meeting now' button. You'll be asked to save and run a file from Zoom which installs the Zoom app on your computer. If you're using a phone or tablet you can download and install the Zoom app from your app store.

Done! You're now ready to connect with your Home Group. Your Home Group leaders will either schedule a meeting for later or start a 'New Meeting' at the arranged time. They will invite you to join the connection by email or by coping an invite text that includes a link you can click to join. The important point is that in order to take part you need to have the invite link as well as having Zoom installed on your computer, phone or tablet.

I look forward to hearing how our online Home Groups go in the coming weeks...


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