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Jesus Sings!

On Sunday morning we said that Jesus sings Psalm 40. He is ultimately the King who praises (v1-5), the King who proclaims (v6-10) and the King who prays (v11-17). We even said that Jesus speaks verse 12: 'For troubles without number surround me; my sins have overtaken me, and I cannot see. They are more than the hairs of my head, and my heart fails within me.'

The Bible doesn't just say that Jesus bears our sin. The Bible also says that Jesus became our sin: 'God made him who had no sin to be sin for us... (2 Corinthians 5:21).

Think about your sin for a moment. You sin every day. I sin every day. We sin with our thoughts and our words. When we do something we shouldn't do, we're sinning. When we don't do something we should do, we're sinning. We sin in attitude and action. And every time we sin, we're breaking the law of God. We also sin in our better moments; even in our best moments we never love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind and all our strength. We are saturated with sin. We are surrounded with sin. It's outside of us and it's inside of us. We see some of our sin - and that's ugly enough - but God sees all of our sin.

Think about your sin, and think about my sin, and think about the sin of every Christian at the Village Church. Think about the sin of every Christian in the world, past, present and future. Think about the idolatry. Think about the blasphemy. Think about the dishonour. Think about the murder, the adultery, the stealing. Think about the anger, the lust, the coveting. We are swamped in sin.

Would it be too much, therefore, for Jesus to say verse 12 of Psalm 40? He was overtaken with sin. He couldn't see. They were more than the hairs of his head. Psalm 40 gives us a glimpse of what Jesus experienced on the cross. He didn't just bear our sin but he became our sin - my sin and your sin - until his heart failed within him.

If you get an opportunity, why not read through Psalm 40 again, listening to King Jesus sing about all that God has done for him and all that he has done for us too. We'll then have another opportunity to look at Psalm 40 at Home Group next week.


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